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Tym’s Inc. provides dry ice in Los Angeles in wholesale and retail quantities.

Dry Ice is available in:

Solid blocks: 50lbs each
Half-blocks: 25lbs each
2” cut: 10lbs each

Special cutting and individual wrapping can be provided at an additional charge.

*500 pound minimum order.

  Tym’s dry ice has a 10lb minimum order.  While this may seem like a lot, it is only the size of a small phonebook (approx. 10” x 10” x 2”) and will only last 24-32 hours in a standard ice chest.

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The Tym's Difference:
Tym’s keeps thousands of pounds of dry ice in stock to meet the demand for late shipments, delayed aircraft, and unexpected emergences you may encounter.  We pride ourselves on accommodating freight forwarders, couriers, airlines, restaurants, and food stores in unexpected situations.  We have the dry ice capability to satisfy orders for a critical medical sample or 10,000lbs to cover weekly shipments.

Tym’s offers deep quantity discounts for dry ice.  Per-pound price reductions start at only 100lbs and continue at 200lb, 400lb, 500lb, 600lb, and 1,100lb intervals.  Please contact us for current pricing.

Tym’s does not charge for delivery, however, the minimum delivery order is 500lbs

for delivery should be made one day in advance.  Adequate time is always needed for large quantities as the product is cut to order. Orders for pellets and rice can only be guaranteed when placed 24 hours in advance.

The amount of dry ice needed varies substantially depending on the method of storage or transport, type of container used, time in transit, w
hether the commodity needs to be frozen or cooled, and a variety of other factors.  Contact Tym’s for suggestions regarding the quantity of dry ice you may need.

  Dry Ice FAQ's:

Is dry ice dangerous?
Yes!  Dry ice will cause damage similar to a burn upon contact with the skin.
Do not handle it with bare hands
Do not put it in your mouth
Do not place it in sealed or tightly closed containers

Dry ice will freeze and crack many materials and surfaces. Avoid direct contact with plastics, glass, and ceramics.

Always use with adequate ventilation.  CO2 gas can cause suffocation.  This intensifies when using dry ice for a “smoke” effect in water.

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What is Dry Ice?
Dry Ice is nothing more than solid Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  It is formed by a process that compresses liquid CO2 into its solid form.  With a temperature of -109 degrees Fahrenheit, it is much colder than regular ice and perfect for freezing or keeping material cold without the mess of regular ice.  As it sublimates (melts), it leaves no residue behind besides CO2 gas
and some condensation.

How much do I need?
In most cases 10lbs of dry ice will last about 24 hours while
insulated in a standard cooler.  Larger pieces will last considerably longer, up to 60 hours for a solid 20lb piece, for example.  When the ice is exposed to open air or large air gaps (such as in a refrigerator or a large cooler) the time can be cut by more than half.

How do I store dry ice?
Dry ice will last the longest in an insulated container and away from moving air.  Wrapping your ice in a towel or with newspaper helps.  Placing the ice in a freezer to “keep it cold” will only make it disappea
r; the blowing air speeds the sublimation (melting) process.

How do I use dry ice?
For freezing:
Place dry ice on top of material to be kept frozen, being careful to limit direct contact with
food  products.

For cooling:
Place dry ice on the bottom of a cooler and pack with regular ice as normal.  This will keep regular ice frozen for days!  A slice may be placed on the side of a container for a cooling affect, but items near the dry ice may freeze.
NOTE: Fruit, milk, and other unsealed
food products may become carbonated when dry ice is used for cooling or freezing.

Dry ice can be used effectively in large tubs
trash cans with regular ice to keep drinks colder, longer at parties and for promotions. 

For power failures:
In the freezer, place items below the dry ice.  In the refrigerator, place items above or beside the dry ice.  Use about 2 lbs for each cubic foot of refrigerator or freezer space.

For “smoke” effect:
Placing dry ice in hot water creates an amazing smoke affect.  As the water cools, the affect will weaken.  It is best to use a hot plate or electric skillet to keep the water hot or replenishing the water often.  Use a few small pieces at a time
and be sure to adequately vent confined areas.

To dispose of:
Place the dry ice in a safe, open area and allow it to dissipate.  Do not allow pets or children near the area.

Learn more about dry ice applications.

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