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Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment


Portable fire extinguishers Portable fire extinguishers:

  • Walter Kidde
  • Amerex
  • United Fire Protection
  • General

When deciding on a fire extinguisher service and compressed gases distribution company, make sure the service can be trusted! For over 60 years Tym’s Inc. has been devoted to offering you safe, operative, and reliable fire extinguishers and compressed gases utilization. We repair the up-to-date types and various sizes of extinguishers for apartment buildings, offices, vehicles, marine, aircraft, portable kitchens and so on.

We provide a range of services depending on the age of the fire extinguisher and the date of its last service. If at any point the extinguisher’s pressure or weight drops, or it shows damage, has missing parts, our team of experts will ensure more significant service upon your request.

  Hydrostatic testing is available for DOT and non-DOT cylinders  

Compressed gas equipment

Compressed gas equipment:

  • High-pressure regulators
  • Custom lines and fittings
  • Oxygen fill fittings and lines

Our company also services and transports compressed gas cylinders. Compressed gas cylinders can cause various hazards due to their pressure and content. There is a threat for exposure to both mechanical and chemical hazards at the same time depending on the particular gas. Gases used maybe flammable, corrosive, poisonous, acidic, explosive, inert, acidic, reactive, etc. Unless properly used and taken care of, compressed gas cylinders might explode killing workers and ruining equipment.

Our personnel at Tym’s Inc. is experienced in the following procedures:
1. The identification of contents of the gas container and awareness of the possible risks.
2. The operation and usage of security and emergency equipment, e.g., fire extinguishers, ventilated gas cabinets, etc.
3. The gas container and its valve, including the procedures for correction of leakages at the valve gland (if necessary) and outlet connection.
4. The appropriate operation of the gas flow and control equipment.

  High-pressure cylinders and gasesHigh-pressure cylinders and gases delivered within the Los Angeles area
  • Nitrogen (1800 to 6000 psi)
  • Argon
  • Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen
  • Acetylene

Tym’s Inc. is sanctioned by the California State Fire Marshall to sell, service, and repair all kinds of portable fire extinguishers. At Tym’s we also cover for your dry ice needs for freight transportation, emergency cooling, entertainment production, and more.

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